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Privacy Tips and Facts

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to protect your privacy. However, in today’s world it is harder and harder to protect your privacy and/or keep the information that will be used against you private.

Less privacy means higher food prices, higher premiums or denied insurance coverage or payments, false arrest, negative effects on your employment, denied or altered medical treatment, denied rental of living quarters, affects on your ability to get a loan, tracking by Google, Apple and the your and other governments.

You also may not mind sharing information, with some people but may not want to share that same information with everyone. Consider that you have no control over information gathered about you, as there have been many and increasingly more information hacks and breaches or the selling of the information.

The argument of "if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear" is a poor one. Often people who have done nothing wrong have been and are discriminated against because of privacy intrusions.

With identity theft, such a huge concern not protecting your privacy is the road to problems.

Below are some tools and tips to protect your privacy, limit discrimination against you, while still being engaged in an ultra modern world where possible.

Search Engine Privacy and Tips

            NEVER  NEVER NEVER use Google!

Google saves all the information you search for and uses it to alter your search results for a profit, put cookies, spyware and beacons on the file they keep on your searches. They create and merge the information gathered and tagged onto you and they sell, trade or lease that file on you. Use the private search engines sartpage.com or ixquick.com

Use the world’s most private search engine startpage.com. Never use the evil Google to do a search. It is easy and cool. With startpage no one, not Google, not your ISP, no one will ever know what you search for. (Read more)

Or use the sister site to startpage.com, ixquick.com which has the same privacy and cool features but it is a metacrawler and searches other search engines than evil Google. (i.e. yahoo, entireweb, statesman, gigablast and others) I prefer this because I think Google edits the responses, I think you get better results with ixquick.com than Google gets. I only listed Startpage.com before ixquick.com because it is easier to spell and for people to remember.

TIP:  Download the ixquick toolbar for your browser (click here for the ixquick toolbar).

TIP: add ixquick.com to your browser (click here to add ixquick to your browser) or add startpage.com to your browser (click here to add startpage to your browser)

TIP: Spread the word and liberty, tell a friend about ixquick.com (click here) or about startpage (click here)

TIP: Get even better search results with these ADVANCED SEARCH TIPS.

SUPER TIP: Once you have found your search item carry on by licking on the proxylink right at the end of each search item. (click here for more info) This is really cool it protects and encrypts you search beyound the search itself.

Still not convinced read this from startpage.com (click here)

Read this about Google cookies

Q: How can Google install a Google cookie in my browser when I never use Google? This has nothing to do with Ixquick. A Google cookie called 'PREF' can be set when you use Firefox or Chrome as your browser, regardless of whether you visit google.com or any other site. There is a technical reason why this happens. More information can be found here. One way to prevent this is to disable or limit the use of cookies. This is something Ixquick recommends from a privacy perspective. For Firefox, go to 'Preferences' -> 'Privacy', for Chrome, go to 'Options' -> 'Under the Hood', and disable the cookies.
This is from ixquick.com's privacy Q & A page

Shopping Card Privacy Tips

There is no safe way to use shopper loyalty and tracking cards!

more to come soon. in the meantime read these.


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