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Pushing back on toll roads and tracking.
Pushing against discrimination.
Pushing to save us money.
Pushing for freedom. 

Pushing for privacy.
Drive free. 

Tollrunner.org exists to push back on the toll roads with mandatory tracking in Washington State and elsewhere.

We believe it is dangerous to freedom, fair taxation, public security and accurate toll collection to require that you have a tracking device on your car at all times in Washington State.

We also believe it is wrong to toll drivers on roads for any purpose other than building the road for the drivers paying the toll. Cases in point:


The “GOOD TO GO” tolls and system are great examples of fascism.

The clearest direct example is the Tolls on I-405 to keep the buses running on time at the expense of everyone else.

This type of fascism has been defended in the past.

A famous quote:
"Say what you like about Mussolini, he made the trains run on time."

That was the famous last excuse for Fascism, conveying the idea that while dictatorship might not be very nice, at least it got things done. 

Much like the toll commission messing up traffic on the I-405 to improve bus flow, it may mess up the common peoples commute and cause accidents but at least it helps the busses.

Another act of fascism was also the confiscation of new roadway paid for statewide for two the gas tax increases to improve congestion (the 5 Cent and the 9.5 cent increases)  

Mussolini said he would get the trains running on time through force and he claims that he did.  

Like “good to go” these claims of improved bus flow the claims of Il Duce about the trains being on time is not true.    


So when you are held up in traffic on I-405 and are passed by a bus, or in an accident caused by the toll lane design, raise your hand in a tradition fascist salute to the memory of the infamous Mussolini and the act of fascism perpetrated against anyone using the I-405.

This reflection of Mussolini is keep alive by Washington State and by the private for profit company Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation (ETC) Which runs the “Good TO GO” system for a profit and by force.

Another example of "GOOD TO GO" Fascism will be posted next Monday, check it out.



The war on drivers in or visiting Washington has reached a new level. We willbe updating this site often now.

Come back often for updates and info.



Another domino falls in the plans at WSDOT to stalk and control you.

Soon, because WSDOT is forcing carpools to have a full time tracking device on every car, you will have no travel privacy anywhere.

Remember these flex passes cannot be turned off.
They are always on and will respond to tracking and abuse even when in the "carpool" position.

They cannot be moved between cars. Each one must be registered to an individual cars.

It is just a matter of time before the state and their private contractors will miss-use the tracking device to stalk drivers like in Texas and New York.

Texas is the home of the poorly run and abusive private company that runs "Good to Go". (ETTC)

New York is stalking the toll devices in use there.
evidence of this stalking here

If WSDOT denies this then remember all the promises it has broken in the past.

This is a further step in the rush to stalk and track and control every car, all the time, and to charge penalties and premiums to use the roads. To restrict your right to decide even when you want to travel anywhere.


From the spin doctor tyrants at WSDOT

They call it an opportunity

Read post


WSDOT hates carpools and is taking the concrete steps to get rid of them.


WSDOT is working to charge even the 3 person carpools for the “privilege” of reducing traffic with the “flex pass” up to $138.20 and more.  (READ MORE)


WSDOT is going to charge tolls, often with automatic $2.00 penalties (or more) per trip to any car that does not install a “Flex Pass” and have it turned to the “HOV” setting. This includes 3+ carpools, out of area carpools and out of state carpools.
No tracking device needed on the I-167 hot lanes for carpools but one for everyone on the I-405 hotlanes.


Remember the 5 cent and the 9.5 cent gas tax increase used in part for the I-405 lanes that they want to pay for again with tolls. double taxation is unamerican.


WSDOT declares war on carpools and you.

So WSDOT and the Toll Commission have declared war on carpools and freedom. The next assault on the public is to seize the two person carpools on I-405. Also seize the new lanes added with the Gas tax increases that were justified in order to build the lanes (the 5 cent and the 9.5 cent gas taxes increases).  

Then they want to toll these seized lanes built as carpool lanes and with gas taxes and toll them BOTH the general cars and the three+ carpools that the will still allow (with a mandatory registration fee and a mandatory FULL TIME tracking electronic device) Charging carpools $15 for each of the cars you use to carpool and/or billing you a penalty toll rate.


Taxpayers on hook for even millions more?

State loses Bertha cost overrun case, taxpayers on hook for millions more?

This is just the molehill of the mountain of overrun costs that are yet to come.

This is just the beginning, the damages to the buildings and the value of the shifting land under them is gonna be much worse.

There is no end in sight for the Bigger dig project, thus no end of future costs and disruptions!

Tollrunner blog entry:

ShiftWa.org article about this:


Glitch to Go Tolling Problems

It is not Good To Go it is Glitch2Go. Many of the same old problems are still showing up. None of these are new they all have happened over and over again.

As Bill Nye warned us we will get shocked over and over again by the manditory electronic tolling.

Here are some links to glitches.

More GLITCH2GO but with a Sneer.

Another admitted glitch still the same one.
Another Repeated Glitch2Go.  
How ridiculous is that?
Another driver caught in Glitch2Go
Refund of Bogus Glitch2Go Charges Denied!
Sara has never been near a toll, yet keeps getting bills


The New 520 bridge is failing even as it is built!

The new pontoons are leaking, cracking, and are missing parts. WSDOT claims these defects and errors can be fixed. Maybe so, but if so then why couldn't the old bridge just been fixed as it seems to be in as good as shape. The new bridge is underdesigned for storms in any case.


!! Watch out for emails from WSDOT & Good to Go!!
Click here for more info.

Warning tracking devices are hidden in the emails from WSDOT and Good To Go that go to other companies. So like the Fremont Troll WSDOT is lying in wait to get you. (More to come soon).


Check out Jim's new website at jimmcgraw.com for non-toll issues and privacy tips. (read more here)


Jim was on the Katherine Albrecht show again (click here)

Now they Retrofit the Alaska Way Viaduct Just to tear it down

This should have been finished years ago with no tolls. (read more)

Where Toll roads are put in demand the option paying at a toll both, this option whether you use it or not will save you a lot of money. It will also help reduce the spread of tolls that are being used as a method of taxation and not just as a "user fee" to build roads.


As of December 29, 2011 it is illegal to drive in Washington State without a tracking transponder on the car you are in and/or having your car "fingerprinted".

This tracking transponder is called by the State a “Good To Go" pass The first of many roads that it is illegal to drive on without this ankle bracelet for your car, or your cars "fingerprint" is the SR-520 bridge.

This is because the State has started what they claim to be pre-construction tolling on the SR520 Lake Washington floating bridge. The only legal way for you to go over the bridge once the tolling begins is to have a Good to Go transponder or a fingerprint of your car.


Good to Go is like digging your own grave!

Driving across SR-520 and paying a toll or using a Flex Pass to use the HOV is the financial, privacy and personal security equivalent of digging your own grave.  

Go around or avoid 520 to preserve American freedom and your money.

(Read more)


Check your mail carefully they may have hidden a toll bill in it!

Check your mail carefully as the toll bills look like junk mail!
a picture of a bill envelope here.

If you do not pay the bill right away they will charge you an extra $5.00.

Check the bill inside carefully as well as many errors have occurred

(read more)

Report problems to tollrunner.org@use.starmail.com


Not shocking, WSDOT "Glitches" Again.

Just like in the Wsdot ad your money is electronically zapped away.

1% of Narrows Bridge Drivers were overcharged $2.00

WSDOT admits to another overcharging "glitch" and they  promise a $0.25 per trip refund. This not enough as many where overcharged more.   click here for blog entry about the refund. 


Best Way to Pay Toll if you Must.

The cheapest way to pay tolls in Washington is not with a Good to Go pass but with Pay by Plate. The best way is with an Unregistered Account.

First if there is a toll booth use it and avoid the problems that the State has had collecting proper electronic tolls. (This will cost more as they discriminate against cash toll payers but it is worth it)

But if there is no toll booth do not use a Good to go pass or sticker unless it is an unregistered pass. If you buy a “Good to Go pass” buy a privacy friendly unregistered pass. Do not let them link it to any credit card or vehicle. This not only protects you but forces ETC and WSDOT to meet normal accounting practices and exposes them as they fail to do so.

Better yet buy one through a proxy.

It is Cheaper with a pay by plate account. It gives you the same discount except it cost $ 0.25 More. Not the $1.50 more that PAY By Mail charges. What is more you may get that $0.25 back in missed t. Plus it is simplier.

Unfortunately one of the many discriminations that WSDOT has in it's current tolling system they refuse to link an unregistered account to a pay by plate account.

We will cannot offer a proxy service as it is too complex dealing with an incompetent "Good To Go!" service provider. We Perhaps can help you with the complex and discriminatory process of getting back the right to drive in Washington State. tollrunner.org@use.startmail.comg for info.

(read more)


This is just the beginning of tolls, tolls and more and higher tolls!

This is just the beginning!
The current toll schemes have little, and in many even most cases nothing, to do with the traditional use of tolls to have the user of a new bridge or road pay for the new road with a toll. 

There are more than 29 areas in Washington that new tolls are being planned in the near future.  (read more)

Most of these the "tolls"are going to be collected for general transportation revenue or general funds and not dedicated to the benefit of the payers of the tolls. Most of the early tolls are going to be for roads that have already been paid for by gas taxes and then restricted to buses. But future tolls will be for general transportation fund and general funds for the City of Seattle.

Without the Toll booth option the State brags it has "unlimited ability" to put a toll charge anywhere, on any road or charge you a toll to just be in an area.

Consider the huge costs that they are proposing just in the short term: $2,500+ per year across the 520, $2,500+ per year across the lower deck of the Ship Canal Bridge, $1,800 per year on the two new lanes of the I-405, tripling the tolls on the Narrows Bridge. Plus more tolls in Vancouver, Castle Rock, Kent, Snoqualmie Pass, Auburn, Spokane, Lynnwood, Seattle and many more roads and areas.


The Modern Stamp Acts

First we have the “good to Go” stamp act.  Now we also have King County's and the City of Seattle's new Congestion Relief Charge. These are taxes on cars with a stamp for the benefit of others than the cars (buses and Bikes. Much like the Stamp Act of 1765.
(read more)

It seems the tide may be turning some. The voters in Seattle soundly voted down the recent $60 car tab surcharge for buses and bikes. However we are stuck with the $20 City of Seattle car tab tax for buses and the $20 King County bus tax on cars. We where not allowed to vote on them. Much like the Stamp Act of 1765.


Perfection is the enemy of good.

This is a quote from Katherine Albrecht. Do not wait to make your efforts against unfair tolls perfect but do what you can now.

While this website is not perfect, it is an effort to pushback against the insidious toll plans in Washington. Help make it better with any corrections, suggestions criticisms or encouragement.

You can also push back the best you can, I suggest you do not wait until your pushback against tolls is perfect but start with the good effort that you are able to do right now. 

 *Do not drive over the bridge once the tolling starts, they are very concerned that a large number of drivers will do just that.

 *If you must or choose to drive over the bridge do so slowly.

 * Take at least ten minutes (a day, a week or at least once) to take an action that helps resist the tolls. Here is an article to help inspire to do that "10 Minute Citizen"

 *If you buy a “Good to Go pass” buy a privacy friendly unregistered pass. Do not let them link it to any credit card or vehicle. This not only protects you but forces ETC and WSDOT to meet normal accounting practices and exposes them as they fail to do so.


Contact us on our feedback page or better yet and more private send an email to: tollrunner.org@use.startmail.com

Encrypted email communication service is available if you fill out a temporary password in an email to the above address.
The email is secure on our end and with a temporary password we can secure your end as well.
(Note before gmail delivers and email they read it, store it and catalog the information to be used by them on how they treat you and who the sell your email information metadata to. Almost all other emails do the same.

We use Startmail.com the world's most private email for email. Just send a temporary password in a message.

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